Week 5: Masking Unmasked!

Tonight’s tutorial was all about masking, which is a technique that enables you to hide certain sections of a video clip while blending multiple clips together to create a special effect. The video below shows one of many such effects – I’ve created multiple versions of myself in a video!

It was an amusing exercise to undertake, and took a bit of tweaking to ensure that I visualised the final layout while acting out each scene so as not to interfere with the places you intend to carry out the other scenes. An example of where I didn’t get this quite right was where my waving arm blocked the place where I needed to be in the following scene. I got around the problem by turning one of me’s upside down which does look quite ridiculous, but never mind.

Here’s the final result of two hours of effort!


The music in the video was sourced from a Creative Commons website and is called Walkampfchampagne by an artist called Erdbeerschnitzel. No more need be said about that!

Here’s an example from a random dude on YouTube of effective use of masking to create the effect I tried to emulate above.




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