Assignment 1: Motion Graphics Video – “Mister Muddle Kerfuddle”

Here’s a little yarn I wrote which I hope is well suited to the kinetic text motion graphics format. The tale itself concerns a lovely but hapless chap called Mister Muddle Kerfuddle, who’s mixed up world causes him – and his loving wife – constant trouble and confusion. The moral of the story can be wrapped up by the notion that nothing is as bad as it seems, if only you’ve got someone close at hand who understands you! A good motto for life perhaps.

In technical terms it was certainly more challenging creating an engaging, edgy motion graphics video, than it was to write the original story! Although I’m very much a beginner with this software I did find that through the course of creating the video many elements of the process started to gel with me. Aspects such as rotating, scaling, moving and zooming groups of text to add vibrancy to the video initially proved problematical and I often had to repeat the process several times to get it right. I found that placing keyframes in the right place, and doing the actions in the right order, were usually the cause of my difficulties. This repetition did serve me well though, and I am feeling more confident with the software than I did previously.

Still a long way to go though as we are only just touching the very tip of the capabilities of this very powerful software package. I don’t plan to ever be an expert or full time use of After Effects, but I’m really looking forward to being comfortable enough with the program to know what colleagues and clients who use it are up to, or to advise clients on what they can achieve with the program.

My motion graphics video is pretty simplistic and reflects my current level of aptitude with After Effects software, but it is a marker on my pathway to greater proficiency and that is the important thing. Here we go…

Note: All works original by Teri Cooper. The background music was sourced via a Creative Commons website, the track is called “Ants”



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