Week 4: A Kaleidoscope of Colourisation

The use of colour is a crucial element of creating video content and can be tailored to portray any desired mood to the audience. Horror films tend to use oranges, reds and blues to convey fear, while romantic comedy editing relies on a completely different colour palette, tending towards pastels and more uplifting colours. Colour can make a huge difference to the success – or failure – of a film and is therefore a critical element for all stages of the production process.

Having said that, it’s one thing to understand colour and altogether another to be able to achieve the effect you are looking for in post-production. Check out my attempt at colourising a video made by Jonathan, where I’ve experimented with a range of effects including:

  • Adding a vignette effect (dark edges), such as was often used in B&W film photography
  • CC toner to create a sepia effect
  • Adjusting levels (changes in one layer can be copied to other layers to replicate the effect without replicating the effort)
  • Adjusting curves
  • Tinkering with colour balance to adjust the coloration of individual sequences
  • To complete this project I first uploaded the video clips to Adobe Premiere which is a far more efficient editing software package, then once trimmed to the desired length, exported it to After Effects.






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