Week 3: Typography and Homer’s Frenzy

Jonathan’s well-made video on how to make a typography-based digital composition using After Effects, really was a great tool for anyone struggling to get their head around the program – such as myself. I managed to complete the task, albeit rather spartanly in terms of bells and whistles, and no doubt Jonathan’s video will be an invaluable reference tool as I grapple with the intricacies of this program.




Next up, time for me to think seriously about my kinetic text motion graphics video sequence, due next week. Actually I probably need to do more than just think about it! Here is a beautiful example of motion graphics which in no way resembles the final product I anticipate I’ll be capable of creating, but it is something to aspire to nonetheless.



This one’s pretty funny, and uses loads of different effects to make the typography stand out and enhance the words being spoken by the comedian. I’m finding that the more of these clips I watch the clearer the idea I’m getting of what I might attempt myself. Check it out…





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