Week 2: Totes Amazeballs!

Two weeks in and I’m still feeling a little, shall we say, ill-equipped to handle the rigours and technical aptitude required to master After Effects. I’m sure it’s just a passing phase and that deep in the core of my being there is a little After Effects Maestro just itching to burst forth. So I shan’t express another doubtful utterance, and will henceforth proceed as though I’ve got this thing in the bag…

Wow peeps. Totes amazeballs. That’s how I’m feeling about After Effects, I really am picking it up quickly and reckon I’ll soon be able to make great little movies for friends birthdays and engagements, and maybe I could even enter something in a short film competition, like Tropfest. Or Sundance. Start small, that’s the best bet. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew.

So would you like to see my Totes Amazeballs After Effects Video from week two? Well okay, here it is…oh, and by the way, no need to call a technician or buy new speakers for your computer, there appears to have been a slight glitch when I exported the file to MP4 and the silly old soundtrack didn’t copy across. Talk about a rookie mistake! Oh well, if you just hum something upbeat I’m sure you’ll find the whole experience totally fulfilling.

So…balls…lift off!



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