Week 1: The crazy world of After Effects

Within minutes of flopping into my chair for the launch of Digital Compositing for 2014, I knew it wasn’t going to be a subject for the faint hearted. The words ‘what was that?’ and ‘whoah slow down’ popped into my head on numerous occasions as Jonathan whisked through an introduction to Adobe After Effects. Somehow I managed to muddle my way through the class, and hopefully my  brain will kick into gear by week 2 and my powers of retention will pick up as the semester progresses. I’ll keep you posted on that front!

Here’s a summary of what we covered during our first 4 hour session for the year:

  1. Created the blog you are now reading: Digital Adventures in Composite Video [username: digitaltezza.wordpress.com]
  2. Made a ridiculously simplistic stop motion video in After Effects
  3. Rendered the video and exported it as an h.264 mp4 file
  4. Uploaded the file to Vimeo, as per the attached

As for my aspirations for this subject, I hope to come away from it with a fair to middling working knowledge of After Effects, as this will be a great benefit to me with my new startup business, Scoot Communications. Working with corporate and social enterprise clients, I write copy, provide social media strategy and publicity advice, and also provide photographic and video services in conjunction with the above. Developing skills in stop motion video, After Effects and digital compositing for audio and video will give me a competitive advantage that many of my competitors won’t have.

Yay for that, here’s to a great semester.


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